The Great Big Design

In Life we’ve made many mistakes at times
yet each mistake made we’ve moved ahead in our time
living each hour and day in life as if it were all part of great big design

our love is like this supporting us as we stand
even when the waters are choppy
we out live ourselves still holding tight to one anothers hands

not everytime with even a word spoken
Our hearts sometimes missing a beat
but throughout this wondersful great design
we always remain in one straight frame of mind

life haltering in amongst mistakes and hardships
while with us our love remains pulling us on through
never set too far back
never pulled out of sight
our love has just always seemed so right

the two of us always keeping our heads held high
giving each other a boost when we need it at times
words being spoken without a sound
glances speacking for us without a move of our mouth

My hand always reaching for yours
and yours pulling mine your way
helping us each have a brighter day than the one before last

Not one movement of our mouths
as the glances at silent words speak of it all

no sounds making rymes in time as time is always running on our side

Our hearts pounding so loud people mistake it for someone knocking on the door from outside


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