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Simpleness Of Life

If I could have eternity with you
I would ask for nothing more
The simpleness of life would be just fine living eternity with you by my side

If I could have eternity with you the happiest I would be you would be sure
Knowing everyday you’d be coming home walking right in my front door
If I could have eternity with you
My restless soul would be at peace releasing all within side itself knowing all will forever be alright

Although I still await eternity with you and the day I will be at your side

No more hidden lives and safety resting inside
If I could have eternity with you
I wouldn’t ask for anything more

Knowing you were by my side and that soon you’d be walking thru that front door
But still wishing all that were tonight

Eternity with you and us as one for life would be the best price I could ever offer you

Nothing more but just the simpleness of life

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