All I Have Wanted

Your all I’ve ever wanted
To live your life in mine would be so subtlety sublime

Your all I’ve ever wanted
Your the treasure of my hearts desire

your all I have ever lived to see
Your my desire of all desires
All I want is you

All I wanted for so long
Your all I’ve ever wanted
I am speechless in words from time to time
I am so wonderfully happy that you are mine

Your all my heart cries out for
Your all I’ve ever wanted
Every night forever living by my side

To show you truly the feelings that I have deep within my self
Never able to let them hide
Your all I’ve wanted deep within my life
I am happy you are mine

To call you mine makes my heart skip a beat jumping a line
Your all I wanted within my life
Nothing to hide
Smiles filling my life
Embracing you with each hour I live
You are my world my every breath of life
Your my knight and shining star lighting my deep dark path
Keeping me focused and leading me away off the negative wraths

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