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Passing Times I Stand

To withstand the passing times
thinking this will never come by
yet holding on with nowhere else to run

Here is where I remain
as the passing time just drifts on by

Holding by faith is where I am
playing in chance in the rise of the early sun and the wake of the peak of the moon

Listening for your strong loud howl
pass of times drawing near
while I still sit and wait in faith holding me close by your side

Believing in what is true
believing in you use what I shall do
to help me travel through
always remembering you is what I will do
to never let go of the hopes that we’ve shared
here in the passing times is where I stand

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A Dream That Has Just Begun

I miss everything about you
words can’t even excpress what I feel and see

I can’t believe we are life still
after all the things we’ve been through
without you I don’t think I would survive

We’ve come so far don’t look back
don’t wonder what this life would be like

This is our life
This is our beautiful song that only we will write

Don’t look back hold on tight
We have come this far after so long

We have made our journey our home

I miss you still
words just can not express all that’s inside

This life is nolonger just mine
We have traveled together for so long and now we walk the paths as one and not alone

Yet all my love I have within
wishing you were holding my gentle hand
and I miss you still
I miss everything about you
even when I am with you
even then I still hold on tight and still miss you

You mean so much more even then that man could even understand

Spirit felt we are one in soul and arm
We are as we are
A dream that has just begun

You are the reason that can not be named
With the ryme that can not be found
You are just simply one of a kind

You are a dream that has just begun
one I shall not wake up from to see the waking sun

Here is where I will always remain
no matter what weather may try to tear us down
You are the one
You are of my dream

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All I Have Wanted

Your all I’ve ever wanted
To live your life in mine would be so subtlety sublime

Your all I’ve ever wanted
Your the treasure of my hearts desire

your all I have ever lived to see
Your my desire of all desires
All I want is you

All I wanted for so long
Your all I’ve ever wanted
I am speechless in words from time to time
I am so wonderfully happy that you are mine

Your all my heart cries out for
Your all I’ve ever wanted
Every night forever living by my side

To show you truly the feelings that I have deep within my self
Never able to let them hide
Your all I’ve wanted deep within my life
I am happy you are mine

To call you mine makes my heart skip a beat jumping a line
Your all I wanted within my life
Nothing to hide
Smiles filling my life
Embracing you with each hour I live
You are my world my every breath of life
Your my knight and shining star lighting my deep dark path
Keeping me focused and leading me away off the negative wraths

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