I’ve Lived A Muddy Life

I’ve lived a muddy life, yet not all the time
The words and phrases I’ve said have been all of mine mostly of ryme but not always on side with time
I have lived and learned and walked along
But the days I have seen have not always been so strong of songs
I have lived a muddy life now with mud I lay my bed
With rocks feeling the tears I cry washing them in rains of my eyes
Life of the muds building this ongoing foundation of mine
Not just sure why right now
Just know this muddy life is all mine
Like a sinking quicksand surrounding my stance I stand here and pray still with the deepest muds surrounding my life
I’ve lived a messy muddy life
Now with family still around; who cares I see
I live my muddy life alone and stale in this muddy state I am I’m

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