The Beat Of My Heart

I am lying awake in the dark of night with all I hear around me is the beat of my very own heart and the sound of my every deep breath that I take
I feel you nudge me here by my side whispers flying by me within the wind
With every beat I hear makes note that you are still there
While I lye awake still trying to breath
My everything near me being chased away in fears
Each beat a new message released as the whispers embrace me to a release
Two beats saying that you are there and one beat telling me that I am alone
Each beat still holding a different tone of it’s own
The beats of my heart breathing new life into my own and helping me to still hold on
With your heart and mine we together will survive and hold on
Two hearts embracing within each shining light and waking side by side within the morning light
Hearing the beats as I awake from my sleep reminds and assures me that you are still there as it places my first smile on my face for that day as I awake and rise up to face a new day
So that each day that I wake before I rise up to face that new day I sit for just a moment to listen for the beat of my heart before beginning my day

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