Walking In Life Spiritually And Be Free

Walking in life we strive to live
Man for man among evil and sin
Taking wrong turns on paths that just have no real end hanging on to tales that we have journeyed along each of our trails
Standing tall upon our hopes and dreams is where we stand believing that we will someday walk right on the lands
No turning back is what we say as we travel full speed ahead with each breaking of day
No turning back this is the way
Face the trails and follow the wolf who has layed out his prints in the sand
The wolf knows his way he watches the land each of the days
He leads his pack throughout trails and terrain his paw is like his own compass today.
Walking in life is how we must live as without this life that we have we would have no more
We learn to live strong, to continue on, to guide and lead as best as we can
Walking in life we learn to survive and not be the meal or the prey as all around us is evil these new days
With all believing to hunt or be the hunted I just say pray and believe
Our day will truly com one day
This dear is truly walking in life
The hardest thing there is these days
You must learn to trust and listen spiritually and not only with your ears to hear
You must learn to train your own sight looking out into the darkest of the deepest darkest nights
You must learn to listen to the wind and your earth beneath your feet, to the environment you live and the souls whom still walk and remain on this soil beneath and around our feet
We all are here and not ever alone. We have made it this far even on our very own walking in life, the very life that we were born and have known. Walking in life spiritually and be free this was how we were brought and raised to merge into the land and accept all as friend or family still walking in life maintaining humanity
Life is just a fairy tale some may say, bit fairy tales have princesses and princes and live happily ever after inside loyally
That is not so here where we were born to walk in life
Here we are always watching our backs and learning a new lesson just to survive
If you are not hunting you are running the land to not be hunted and killed and sold by someone whom you had always called your dear friend
Nothing is real it is just a piece of this game called life
Your a big meat for the next hungry tiger who is stalking and hiding where you just may not see till too late
Only you and the spirituality of the life that you walk in can save you know if you just relax and breathe and learn to listen not always to your ears but the land around you and souls of your lost loved ones or ancestors who have seen. Listen to the wind and the trees in the breeze. In all spirit filled things around you is where you will learn to walk in life

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