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The Embarrassment

Disappointing you know…. you come home from work and rush me to get the kids dressed for a last minute birthday party for Shayne’s little boy. After I had just gotten them ready to go into the pool, then you say get them dressed for a birthday. I get them dressed for the party as you say. We all walk a block down the road to show for this party, have the cup cakes and sing happy birthday as Shayne begins his sons party and then you rush me out just as you rush me there and we don’t even do a birthday party WTF was that? That is rude and I am not rude. What was the point of even showing ourselves there? For the embarrassment? Thanks but I really could have found some way to do that on my own. That is just sick is what that is.

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This Is What I Call A Very True Friend

I lay restless in the weight of my stress. Living each day as I have all the rest. With my life a mountain of shamble. Stumbling I fall and feel that I just can not handle. Yet look at me now I am still standing strong coming over each hill that has come between me and my rest in the sun. You hold me up even when I feel myself fall and can not rest not even for my soul for even the best. You keep me strong even when i have given up and run. You keep me riding on a white horse each day riding in the sunset straight into your arms. I keep a smile on my face to help all my beauty and image shine even when I feel I have failed and need to wash my hands clean to free me of this horrible place. You my friend raise the roof for me and help me to grow seeing all reality. You make me free. As free as a bee. You hold me until I am fully complete. You are a true man who cares about me. You are my strength keeping me hanging on tight. Even when I have said I am done and all is through.
You take one last look at the situations ahead and change my mind changing my heart saying stay strong. Helping me to move forward and keep moving ahead. This I must proclaim! This is what I call a very true friend.

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