Each Day That I Travel by That Tree – The Chris Errington Poem

Each day I travel by that tree where you once lay sadly remembering the news that day
Remembering the shock and trying to come to sense with it within knowing that I would never see you again until myself were gone
Each day I travel past your tree this rush again floods over me
Thinking how much we all still miss you so seeing your pictures there on that tree
Each day that I travel there by you tree a sense of thinking of you once again overwhelming me thinking of if you had still Been here yet what would you be doing in life yet. However knowing that you are not and knowing that someday I shall see you again when I travel home to my own heavenly realm.
Each raucous travel by that tree I know your heart is still telling your story throughout this planet and land throughout application you family and your friends
Much of it alone coming from Kevin who loved you so and looked to his younger brother with all respect closest of all as his own best friend, one who was same will always be known as a true man
Still thought about and talked of in life today I still wonder what your life would have been today
Each day that I travel right by that tree where you died and shocked the world who knew you with a big surprise
You are surely missed bit your legacy lives on and I was proud to know you and call you my friend
Rest long friend I will see you again
Right now I stick to traveling each day by that tree where you lost your very life early that day.
With Kevin still keeping you alive since you died
A great brother,good friend, one you called your confidend
One true man he saw in you
All who knew you loving you still
To loose your life there at that tree how sad it is still
But hopes hold high that you are where you were called and once again shall we see you later once more at our end.

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