You Soon Will Win

When you are caught in life where everything feels like all is going down, you look around and feel like you are just ready to skip town. You begin to cry and pray for relief for all self worth to feel stable under your feet.
Although there seems to see no end you hold onto your hopes of faith as tears roll from out of your eyes
I ask again what is it that I have done to deserve this pile of shallow heartache and pain.
Mend me Lord, take it all away. Shine my sun upon a brighter day.
When you feel there is no end you say to yourself. Look! Look again. Turn around you soon will win.
Life may not be so tough and rough if you just relax and stand tall and look once in a while. Look! Look again…look at life within It’s face you soon will win.
I know right now it feels really slow and slim, but on the time you soon will win.

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