Waiting In Doubt

I lay in my bed at night with tears in my eyes lying there and crying
Trying hard to cleanse my mind
Each thought brought out by each situation in life
Wanting you resting in my arms and by my side
You having all the power and time to come and find me
Knowing the digits designed for me and 601 at the hands and feet beneath me
But here I still lay alone at night with you not by my side as I would like
Keeping me wondering within the night will we make it throughout this life
With bread in our hands and something to eat
Water to drink and wash ourselves again the next day
Waiting to see the sun shining the next day
Everyday waiting in doubt and hope to be in your life
Watching all the holidays and even your birthday pass me by and by
Not once being with you and amongst your eyes sight
Everynight another cry remaining in love with what feels sometimes more like a fantasy than life
But I remain in my hopes and faith knowing that God has his ways even if they make no sense and will find a way
So I search for the next brighter day where a rainbow meets earth soil and smiles down on me.

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