Bear The Dog

Since I just got my dog I have become happier While he was still in the shelter I had not really liked him but thought okay even though I had liked and wanted other dogs I saw When I had finally adopted him I had enjoyed all his kisses Him being sweet, and that heContinue reading “Bear The Dog”

Unicorn Shine

Unicorn shine power on me When it turns night the stars will shine like day and when it shines day the sun will gleam like a great large fire and will shine light so bright across the land creating a beautiful rainbow Watch over me unicorn and share your power with the land Your sleek andContinue reading “Unicorn Shine”

Two Drown Lifeless But Revived, Friday’s Dream

Okay so the night before this I had a scary dream that I awoke crying from and just can not seam to put past my mind. We all went somewhere unsure exactly where but as usual Dan just gets me there and than disappears. So apperantly we were at a hotel or work out centerContinue reading “Two Drown Lifeless But Revived, Friday’s Dream”