Disappointed With Life

Disappointed with the path of my life I sit back still holding tight to my faith
Trying my best not to turn around and glance back
Yet still not knowing what words to say to you and feeling lost within myself and embarrassed at my eyes sights of this life I have around me
No answers to bare and all honestys put out
Tears still falling everyday as my mother has gone leaving my life aray and on such dismay
Nothing of her faults, nothing of her blame
Although unfortunately I still feel the discomfort and pain
my days all coming together and becoming one.
Worring is a thing of the day wondering if I’d ever see the sun.
Tears rolling off my eyes each thoughts remaining on my kids and you
I am not happy and I know that you aren’t either
But my thoughts all focused on that one new day.  My very own life. If I can not have life, may life have me.
As I am only disappointed with this life I see.

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