I Can Sense And Feel Your Pain

I look into your eyes and although I can not see what you’ve seen I can see and sense and feel your pain. Uneasy to trust and hear what is truth your timid and torn between what you know as life and the journey of life itself. You try to face up and playfully play like a fox pup but stand your ground with ears perched like a young wolf protecting your territory and den. In search of the right path right therein where you stand in search of someone you could truly call a friend. Head still holding high you continue to travel on telling yourself to be strong. Knowing that your life will soon turn around you push on and steady to continue on. I see in your eyes just what rest you put behind to begin new now as you work to grow. You have those wolf eyes on you and they speak loud and wild. This is your life what you are learning to travel so keep focused and stay calm soon enough life will look up and not toward the ground.

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