The Emptiness

Today is a day of a soul release
Living without you and only a new sight of your flesh and body
Life without you is just not the same
I know to let go but it still feels empty
You’ll soon find your way to God’s great big gate and be an angel flying amongst the clouds and over sea
You have made your goal that you have longed so for the past year or so
This now to you is a great relief
Your happy now and in a better place
No more suffering and sorrow now
Your spirit is safe now
You will see many faces there that you haven’t seen in so long
Some you may have known, some you may now begin to learn
You will have many new enjoyable gifts in this new way of life
Time here on earth was a good one you had once thought though now you’ll see and experience an even better one still
This is what you have begged for all of this time now you have won it
Your life will not be the same
You will meet some famous or not so famous
You will meet the creator himself
Your life will be happy and peaceful now
As things around you begin to change
You see and witness your body behind you all is well with it here
All is alright
Don’t look back and fight stuck between life
Follow the light you have searched for so long
We all will be happy now knowing that your safe.
The emptiness will pass
It is only temporary and momentary
It is a short time lived at a glance
Not all of this emptiness will last
Be free and happy and welcome to your new life
You’ve fought your wars and fought in honor
You’be lived your life well in full
God honors you now in restful sleep
Welcoming you home to be with him and in your own new home with him
Go be happy
You did well
Your life has lived and is golden now

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