Fourth of July

It’s a day of becoming free
The day of accepting the decorations of imdependance ion the life of 1776 To hold a memorial of sorts in their name. Yet some peoples lives just put themselves within their own shame and they tend to forget what this special day is truly about. Not living life a document to claim that they are free. Yet those some still living their own lives heads down not having that freedom of speech and life to themselves but rather still living under the claim of anothers fame and rule. If just what they had wanted them to truly be. They live out life still not being free. Sometimes that feels just like me. Not being heard, not able to have a say in a word.
Not able to be free spirit filled with your very own body
This life is not for me but I am one that this life enthraws and comes knocking on my door
Making my life not what it should be here. What is independence when its not really seen?
What is independence when it is ripped out from under thee? What is independence that isn’t something practiced in this life today.
Independence means to live and remain free
Though living free is not here what I see
It is not what I see surrounding me.
Independence means deciding your decisions throughout ones life
Independence needs to have leadership over thee. T

hrough day and night

and to be free.

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