Dream Of The Call

A coat so sleek, clean and soft
A rythem of his own
His eyes as wide and blue as ever looking into the big sky
How is it that your eyes can see so wide and mine still miss all the sights
Teach me of all your ways
Let me see just what you see
I want to learn a better way
Let me hear your song
Lead me o great wolf
Lead me right along
Be my guide and friend in peace
Watch me as I sleep
Lead me throughout this wilderness not to live out on these streets
I love nature as you do
I love the wilderness too
I love earth itself and the great outdoors as well
My dream is to carry out the voice others need to hear
bringing out the life in others that many have tried before me but just could not reach
Guide me through the open land to holding tight to me
Guiding me along the way to life tranquility
Such beauty has he ever shown his eyes enthralled in me
His heart meeting fast as he absorbes all that surrounds me
As if he has a second eyes vision hidden behind his white noise of sound
Trust I know you’d show me
Obedience you were born with
Loyalty like no other
Friendship that would for forever grow
In life should tho truly ever be broken
I will forever carry it back on and continue it to be stronger evermore
The hero is what you may always be as you travel on saving many a different thing
My heart you may always hold on to as I follow in your lead and develop a new story ahead of me
The dream of the call I always strongly hear
Batting about my very ear

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