Earth Day – Mother Earth’ s Great Design

Give to mother earth that what she may need

when you help mother earth with that which she may need

 she in return with give unto you

with streams so valenty flowing

and rivers grown so wide

praries full of grains

meadows of bright beautiful flowers

fields full of suprise

Mother earth knows all at hand

she holds nature’s key within her grip

with different animals all in her sight

she cuddles them tight within her delight

so many animals all over the land

big and small and all aorund

some up, some down

ones who crawl, others who swim, or fly

with mother earth on your side

everything will work in order of the way it was created and made

Mother earth in return will usually give you what you need

when you give care to mother earth

she as well will take care and watch over you

hand in brach together you two will work along

grasses will become greener

animals will smile

you will feel relief

mother earth is a friend of he who is a friend to her

give to mother earth what she may need

in return she will give to you

this all is part of the great design

this is her gift

so put out one day just for her

you’ll be surprised in what she just might share

just one special day and aside for you

this special day is just for you and her

it’s called Earth Day

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