One Time More

One time more I have tried
Though it always seems my line is attached from another side
We somehow seem to be like two shops passing by
One time more I have told you many times that I love you
Bit seems like the words go unheard
I keep staying strong pushing on counting on faith that someday, oneday we will make the climb up or down to meet in the middle and not from one side or the other
That together we will be there to meet in the middle both of us traveling half way
Although now this still seems like two ships sailing by trying to reach the middle  and I guess that is the way this will be
Right now that is really all that I can really see as things of earth seem so far and distant from me currently
One time more I have tried
One time more I have told you I love you
One time more  I sit and watch hoping things will start sailing smooth and we will be side by side and sail away the wide open sea together living free
One time more I say
Come back to heaven and sail the open sea sailing on with me

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