I Live Everyday For You

I live everyday for you.
I give my heart and everything for you
I dream all my dreams about you
I would even give my life to let you live
I live my everyday for you
I keep you always in my thoughts so that I can focus and keep myself maintained going on to new levels in life each day
I live my everyday for you.
When I find my low and feel as I have no more to give
This is when you turn and look my way, looking me in my eyes and say don’t give up…you have more to offer you just don’t know
You need to fight and believe the way I do. I live my everyday also for you I remind my self each time of you helping me to go forward and carry on
I look back at you with tears in my eyes and say for you
That is when you have helped me find my way back and pulled me up making me stronger more
I live my everyday for you
I hope and pray for you each day
I would give my all for you
I wish that you feel the same
I hope that you live each day still today for me
That you may still believe in me and are strong enough to give you the go as you do with me

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