The Years Of A Child From Infancy To Six

A baby lays in a crib alone
Not a word said throughout the time yet as the mother you have heard It’s cries and have heard it different cry alone knowing what that child is trying so hard to say
Then as the child grows from infant to toddler becoming two and three they think they have taken over reality
Sometimes stressing you on disbelief asking yourself is this my child I birthed and have raised
Then becoming four and five the child has now become her independant self that she has created in that of the life she has seen with her very own eyes
Turning six she has changed again becoming mommy’s helper and best friend
Acting to her younger siblings as a little mommy herself and you laugh sometimes how grown she has become
Holding onto six but still remembering her as the infant she once was
You begin to wonder what will come next at seven then you realize how much she has grown and miss her child that she once was

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