Tennessee Is Where I Want To Be

Tennessee is where I want to be
Holding onto you forever
Fulfilling my every dreams of you and making it big with my poetry and singing
With you holding me in your arms and giving you my everything
Can’t you see how much you really mean
Can’t you see my true words
I am more than what you ever have seen
I want to ride with you amongst the early morning sunlight riding on a white horse as beautiful as an angel
I want to be your one true girl
I want to be your forever cowgirl
Riding under the setting sun out into the subtle moonlit sky
Sitting and waiting for you under the start of the moonlight
Waking under the sunshine each day we have together
Even after death I will stand right here holding onto our dreams and remaining true to you for you are my life and my everything
Tennessee is where I am meant to be
Tennessee is my dream I live for
Soon I will be in his heart soul and arms
He is special and Tennessee is calling to me for him to be by my side
Tennessee is where it all happens and dreams come true
Tennessee is where I truly want to be
Holding fast to you and us
Knowing it will be soon
But not soon enough
I will have to wait till the comments come falling right into life in Tennessee
I want to be with you all for my life and my dream
We have come this far no matter how hard or easy it may be
Together we have all the love that we need to keep us growing strong

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