My True Love

My true love knows my thoughts even before I may think them
He always listens both in heart and soul
He stays with me and attends to my every need
Throughout day or night
He keeps me safe and warm on a cold long winters night
He is my dream sent from heavens one open gate
He wakes me in the morning sun
He silently puts me to sleep at night with his nature song
He is my true everything
He makes me truly happy as I’ve never felt before
He builds my walls up keeping the foundation strong with bliss
He stays calm with me even when I am angry and bursting out with nasty and hurtful words
I always depend on him as I know that no matter how I may feel he is always by my side
My true love keeps me going when nothing seems to go my way
My true love is true only for him
As my heart remains pure and open to him
Even if I change my key he still had entry in and remains beside me as my true friend and love
Through the ups and downs he builds me higher and higher keeping me from a turable fall
He puts me on a pedestal and shows me how much he really cares treating like a princess, yet wanting me for his queen
When someone hurts me stabbing me in my back he listens and gives me advice and all the time that I may need to vent
He is truly my everything I have left within my eyes sight
He never wastes my time and always shows me what I need to see to go on
He never leaves me alone he is always with me forever in time

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