My Guide And Friend For Life

You guide me as I wonder
You lead my sled along the way
you watch my every moment
Even when I stray
You help me find my way
You are my guide who helps me when I feel afraid
You give me the strength to carry on as I feel like I need a cry
You are carry all my hardships and every feeling I have
You bond with me throughout this journey and show me that you care
You make me learn to trust you even when I may fail
A warm embrace you give me even when I feel I don’t deserve this even if I feel ashamed
Together we will always remain as true friends we will always be your loyal and free in life
A friend you are to me
No other friend would be so good and most the times lead to something bad
I give you my whole heart and soul even if it may hurt at times
For I know that you are always with me and I can feel your warmth
The warmth that heats me whenever I may feel cold
It’s like a fire burning and pulling at my soul
You guide me and protect me like any true friend would
You listen when o need to talk or speak when you want me to hear
You are my one companion that I trust and and open up my life
Pouring out all I have when i may need you most
Your ears are always listening even when I have no words
Your eye observe all around me even while I sleep
That is how a wolf protects his pack sometimes even from a distance
He overlooks all failings and respects your every choice
He lets you find the ways even of not always the best
He gives you hope and strength when you feel that you have nothing more to give he pulls you when your over the edge and stands you up when you may fall
The wolf is wise and quiet not to give you two away
He is bonded to the one he chose for a life long journey with thee
He is secret and mysterious even if he is silent
My wolf will always protect me and for this I am truly happy
Be my guide spirit hold me up for life I will always trust in him for my eternity
Giving him all I have with everything that I’ve got
He is my one true friend that I find my peace in everyday
He is my guide and friend for life

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