Love Is In Christ…

I lift my eyes and raise my head
Knowing Jesus is on my life and in my heart
Watching over me all the time
Preparing my every paths for me to follow and choose
Choosing life even when thing go wrong
Still continuing to hold on
Giving all you have to master his plan working hard to make it to your end

Love is…

A wave of fire running within your body as you know Christ’s spirit is within your soul
The b

itterness you try to push away

lthough not always getting hold of it to free yourself from this horrible pain
Running your hair over your head you begin to pray
Releasing your heart everyday
Reminding you always of love from above and those who love you as you are in life yet

Love is where the beauty come as someone has put all aside to recognize you just as you are
Where you can just look each other in the eyes no matter how long love is a friend for

Love is….

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