In The Moonlight Of The Dark Of The Night

In the light of a full moon you can see shadows unknown
As you feel the dark and dampness begin to take over
and the fog cool against your face
Under the moon you become your own monster
The vamps and wolves taking their own form
You listen as you hear the call of a wolf of his own creep in the
Dark of night in the distant light
The dark filled night their lives his own
While people sleep he creeps within the light of the full moon
As day approaches you hear one last call before he hides within a very dark den or the vamps within the empty mansions and graves to keep away from the rising sun of daylight and return out in the passing night once again on the fall of the full moon at night
Changing their form once more to what they once first were no-one knowing until the eve of that full moon
Though even then no-one knows who they just see and hear the evidence of the creeping moon light and that of the night
As one man becomes one of his owns form and travels throughout the wilderness or town taking each different lives they choose but then again hide their form when the day begins to break
Only to again return in the moonlight of the dark of night
Some may be sceptic and may not believe while others have the evidence and have once seen to know the truth if they really exist you must believe and have had your own experience
As for me this all holds true as the night has crept and shown me more than the eye has needed to see I have seen thing strange but real and I believe this tale is not tale but may very well be true

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