In Open Arms I wait For You

In open arms I wait for you
Looking over my life
Awaiting our first time with one another
Writing you these words in each and every poem
Gently showing the feeling inside
In open arms I hope to greet you when we finally stand at each others side
living for you and standing still and tall I await for you I’m these open arms first a huge tight hug than comes a kiss
Happy in bliss is what I feel whenever I am truly near you
In open arms I greet and welcome you as my love inside can nolonger hide
Holding you tight I look into your eyes and see within you how pure your love is inside
With open arms I await your arrival to kiss you forever under the moonlit sky
Even when I cry you wipe my very tears aside and tell me It’s okay while deep in my heart I worry and pray
In open arms I smile at you as you smile back letting it go for miles by miles
I still await you with open arms and I forever will until you tell me to go away from your side
In open arms I wait for you

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