Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and don’t you cry
Close your eyes for it’s alright
Close your eyes and say your prayers
For tomorrow will soon be here
It’s okay tomorrow’s another day
Rest your head and goto sleep
Not a sound and not a peep
No more words just goto sleep for tomorrow is another day
Goto sleep my little one
Goto sleep so has the sun
For the day is all done
Goto sleep and don’t you cry
It’s alright don’t be afraid
Mommy’s here so rest you head
Sleep sound here in your bed
Close your eyes and dream a dream
For tomorrow will bring many a sunrise
Close your eyes
Close your eyes and rest your head
Mommy’s here and always near
Close your eyes as mommy holds you tight
Here I am forever near
Rest your head my sweet child
Time is gone It’s time for bed
Close your eyes It’s alright
Don’t you fear or be afraid
For tomorrow is another day

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