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Footprints In The Sand

Footprints in the sand I see
Looking back they follow me
Living a past we do not know
Into future that we dream to know
Footprints in the sand I see
Living life on the edge each day
Growing fast as we havei
Disappearing in your mind at things
Finding the place of strategies and theory as a place of your mind you see footprints getting washed away by crashing waves upon the smooth of the sand
Like the past belonging to thee
In the sand of hope and giving awaiting relief and grace with the
Respecting each other to live happy and free for with this life the lord carries me
Renewing my that I once had but lost along the way
Spending meditation to clear my mind
As souls are lost among the other sides
You try to build your foundation strong and standing high
footprints in the sand I see relentless to move on ahead for this is their struggles in life
Turning around to run and flee
Coming back to try again
Footprints in the sand I see
Looking back they follow me
Living a past we do not know
In future that we do not know
Along life walk God carries thee
Helping make paths that you begone to see
Footprints in the sand I see
Lifes biggest trial of holding on to sanity of mind they can not always see making man hold fast upon thee of what sanity he has within as life is hard and still in life we live to restore that which we most felt comfortable and free
Sitting upon the bliss of the foundation God created for the

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In A World Of No Peace

Lost in a world where there is no peace.
You trust someone so much but then they turn and stab you in the back
You feel as if your world is coming to an end
You even gain some friend and loose some friends
You take a breath of sigh and hurt living life alone
Where jobs are scarce and hopes are lost
You know no barrier rescue at your side
You give and help to safe and happiness but even the happiest does not always satisfy ones life he lives each day that comes
The time is dull and broken in time as the life we live gets harder each day
This is life what can I say
The life we live everyday
Getting overwhelmed at times
So overwhelmed that we take our own life
This is not the way life should be
Although it is yet we never know the way each time life is tough but we hold on
Making life best as we can
In a world of no peace and war

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