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Thinking Back To June

Thinking back to June when all seemed once alright just before the things went all wrong
Thinking back to June when all the future and dreams were just within sight, now everything is shadowed by a crescent half moon and full twilight
Thinking back to June when I had trusted all the words I heard
Now I do not know words that are real to words that are framed
Thinking back to June when love was all we lived our lives to fulfill and now we just sit trying to focus and stand tall
I rethink June when I was once happiest and now sit in somber and try to create this accidental puzzle trying to hold onto my very own muzzle
Thinking back to June when I once loved you most now I look and fear our love
Thinking of June when we embraced each other so tight
Now our embrace is a tight rope on a line yet I know that you are mine
Thinking of June and how happy we were wondering now what happened and are we still there
Thinking of June of the day o dreamt….of the day we were to be together when all somehow fell apart
Thinking of June when you are still forever here within my heart
Thinking of June and how I still love you throughout all we have been and I remain here for you wishing it were June again when all felt right and no sights of wrongs where dreams were formed and hearts were pure
Thinking of June wishing on it again, when health was not limited or confined tieing one down to one simple line
Thinking, thinking, thinking of June I love you.

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