Who He Is – A True Heart Of A Man

Who he is
Who is he is the question they ask
The answer they shall know
Who he is
I do not understand why he should doubt and betray
But I shall give them all my answer on this very day
It is what it is that I will say
Will they like or regret it I shall see hoping in favor of my way
How could love grow so deep and so near if those thoughts that he states are all that is felt inside here. Each day when the light peep into my window arrousing me from my wonderful sleep not yet even opening my eyes I begin to smile and think. Thinking and wondering with awe who the history of his family is really like for the man that I so fondly speak is so mature and deep within himself inside and out within spirits of many that who he is is all amazing. He is so young hearted and vibrant and filled with all faith and love that one could ever ask for that it like looking straight into heavens door. He is unique in everyway and proud to admitt who he has come to be and is today. As am I glad that we found our paths along the way. He means the world to me and is strong inside and has not one bit of intelligence to hide. He is a man of hope, love, and grace he has found along his many solitude and distant roads
He is a man of true courage and honor one who I loved all the way to throughout his somber
He is a writer for all and a friend to so many a wing to carry you and a mentor to become a voice of that of the unheard this truely is who he is, this truly is the true heart of a man
With a low self worth of his own thoughts inside many a day he would just try to hide
Though thru that time he had opened up his heart to let one love rebuild him from inside to out
Holding onto him forever for who he truly was a loving and gentle man an Angel sent from God
He is a man I am proud to call my friend
He is a man with a wide listening ear with the eyes of protection always holding the ones he has learned again to love so close and near
He is a man with a distinct outlook on life that makes him so wise
He is the leader of the pack hidden in disguise he is severally and life returned from the dead he is who makes me keep smiling and lifting my head
He may not se who really he is but I see through him and across rainbows that he has seen
This man is much more than anything
If royalty would have him he could be king
This man is truly wonderful and amazing
He has the voice of so many a story and tale he could tell I would just love to know where and by who the people really were of his life who he really was raised of that lead way to his front door today
There is so many untold things around him I see yet also so many knowledges uncovered with me leaving him surrounded in beauty of earth and yet mystery of what will be held out next
He is a mentor helping to train he is a soldier by blood and a wolf by tribes he is a very dear man with a name held high today and carried on the wind
He I will love always no matter what happens in life trying to tear us apart
He is a fighter, a warrior, and a guy not judging of things, he has practiced his life full of experience and journey and grown to the man that you know him as now who holds a legacy all of his own
With Gods grace and love and will to persevere I am proud to name him today of one of his very own
He is who he is
He is who is
He is a true heart of a man
Here put in my very words is the answers I truly do speak of this native american guide in whome I truly believe I have now answered this question as you asked and hoped
You know my answer on this fact that I hold to
He is who he is because this is who he was raised and there is not one thing of his life that I myself would ever change
For who then would he be if we changed him for the
I do not want to imagine just what would be for I am truly happy of who he is with this heart of a man who I have already learned to know an see looking straight throughout his heart for him to see
There is so much more that could still be said but night has drawn near and heads and eyes must rest within their beds

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