Yup…This Life Is Mine

Secluded in the house
With not one friend and not one place to go
My only life lives on here
Though people on here do not know what is real my picture is
I see my picture from this one tiny window
Peering out over the several trees forming this cells gate
This life being the only life I have ever seen and known
Living the only life I have known
A life I wish I did not see a life that is not me
A life I did not choose in life
But it is the life I was given
This life is mine
This life is mine
This life is mine

Why Am I To Blame

I look around me at the world I live
Living here in a place of innocence or is it
Yea so you may be innocent
But is innocent even really good
The more I think about this innocence
The more I see suffering and outcast surrounding me making my own life feel like shame
I lived my life all alone and held my dreams within my heart and soul
But living my life everyday afraid of tomorrow because of how you treat me
Why am I to blame
What have I done to show you shame
I have only tried to live my life for my best
Not doing drugs
Not drinking
Why am I so dissatisfied with you
Why am I to blame
What have I done to show you shame

Nowhere To Live

I have always been told that I live in a world of pure peace because I am always so calm and bliss
Right now I feel that I am living my life in pure fear and evil
I am afraid to even open my Windows and let the sunlight shine in
I am afraid to take that quick peek outside
I am afraid to look someone in the eye
My life has taken a large crumble and I don’t want to see where the crumbs will land
I want to hold my eyes forever shut and stay deep inside myself and cry
I can not take the abuse anymore
Living in silence with no one around
Living on the streets with not one safe place
Fearing that my kids are going to be taken from me when I am doing all that I can to try to keep us safe
Unsure of my ways hard for me to trust
Leaning on Gods arms to carry me on
Leaning on the one true man I have in my life to hold me strong giving me hope that I have to believe in.
Everything I have ever believed in before now being washed right down the drains
My heart sinking into my chest
My hands trembling at the pursuit of this future ending
My life being torn from beneath my feet
My feet holding weak beneath my weight
The pain burning and everlasting strong fire within my chest burning its own hole in my gut eating it away
Living under the eye of the dark eye of the villon I see
As I become its victim tonight
What’s to live for in life if all that you ever work so hard for gets taken from your side and you are repeatedly told lies
You yourself becoming the criminal in disguise
What do we do to save ourselves to rebuild our hopes
Our dreams that we have held on to for so long
No one can spell out or lives for us but what can we do to spell it out ourselves when you have become lost and overwhelmed on this path of disparities
I know running and hiding is not the answer but I know nothing more to do
Just spending a night in a hotel is luxury to me
Spending everyday having my very own kids asking me
“mommy, are we gonna live in a hotel tonight”
When everyday living in fear not knowing where we will end up tomorrow here or there
Not one place safe for us
Even sometimes living on the streets
This life is not for me
I just want to learn how to break free
With a handicap I did not request
and a job I can not get
No matter how many times and how hard I may try
All I want to do is cry
So burned out and torn down my biggest foundation holding me tight the love for my kids who mean the world to me
Without them I would be nothing more
Are you listening outside my door
Do you hear my cry
Listen! Are you there?
Please help…please pray!
I have runway within the depths of myself
With nowhere to live but within myself
It is like an ongoing dream that I have not woken up from
Here I am with nowhere to live

Earth Day – Mother Earth’ s Great Design

Give to mother earth that what she may need

when you help mother earth with that which she may need

 she in return with give unto you

with streams so valenty flowing

and rivers grown so wide

praries full of grains

meadows of bright beautiful flowers

fields full of suprise

Mother earth knows all at hand

she holds nature’s key within her grip

with different animals all in her sight

she cuddles them tight within her delight

so many animals all over the land

big and small and all aorund

some up, some down

ones who crawl, others who swim, or fly

with mother earth on your side

everything will work in order of the way it was created and made

Mother earth in return will usually give you what you need

when you give care to mother earth

she as well will take care and watch over you

hand in brach together you two will work along

grasses will become greener

animals will smile

you will feel relief

mother earth is a friend of he who is a friend to her

give to mother earth what she may need

in return she will give to you

this all is part of the great design

this is her gift

so put out one day just for her

you’ll be surprised in what she just might share

just one special day and aside for you

this special day is just for you and her

it’s called Earth Day

Pegasus Of Love- written by Brie

Pegasus pegasus look at me
See the heart cloud up above
Fly up there an catch some love
Once I catch you
I shall name you crystal
Because of the rainbow heart shining off your wings
When you flap your wings they sprinkle golden wishes over the land and kids down below
it goes to them giving the good wishes  for every night.
as you fly up in the night
Your wings still holding power
So that kids can make wishes everywhere
So carry your wings everywhere you go to give kids wishes over the land
Fly back to the castle to refill your sprinkle and return to the land you travel most
Flying everywhere watching those who need a little love
Giving everyone wishes as they may need satisfying everyone as best that you can so that you may return again back to the castle on the sands of the sea

Star Star – Written by Brie Age 6

This was Brie’s first ever poem. She has created it all from her very own mind and I am very proud of her. As well as very amazed at what she can do already at age 6.

Star Star - Written by Brie Age 6 Star star look at me star star shine for me Star star shine so bright star star the song of the night star star shine your power full of light star star where are you now star star I love you… Written by Brie June, 23 2011 … Read More

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