The Soldier

On a windy dark and dreary night
Not a sound near by
A man lay upon his folded sheet created like a pillow upon a board that he slept as a bed at night
Memories reliving his life like dreams in the night
A paper lay by his side that read one simple thing
I miss you daddy, it’s been too long when soon will you be returning home. We are well but would be better knowing that you were too and that you were here and not there at war
The dark night becoming more cold and grim as the time passed
Brought these warm thoughts of his by one picture he had there of that of his family whom all missed one another so dear

On a windy dark and dreary night
Not a sound near by
A man lay upon his folded sheet created like a pillow upon a board that he slept as a bed at night
With not even a pet that he could call his friend he lay alone upon this board as a bed
Looking forward to mail upon each waking day as not many letters are sent out his way
Not one man alone could ever be free to have his way, for each man here was drilled a particular way
For you see he is a traveler with not a permanent home always on bound to go into a new country, city, state or town
Deployed by government rule on his next place he is sent off to go and never really knowing ever where rarely ever much notice as he obeys his reports given
While still praying each day to be sent home safe or to come home to heaven
The words he wrote back in reply to this paper said as followed in this cold dark shadow made into his bed.
Hey little fella I still hear your cry even when we are never so nearby. Tell your mother I love her and you as well. I know times are tough and sometimes even ever so rough. But keep holding into the faith and keep your head high for the more that you do you will soon be focusing so hard that you will look up and see me walking home where I belong soon enough where I will again be returning nearby. It may seem too long but soon all the war will be over and then is when I will again be home with you and your mother. I love you child remember that no matter what you may feel. For soon my day will shine throughout back to you. Stay safe for me in time when that time has come and then together again we will all be as one. I am a soldier my child and this is how it is sometimes I miss you both, but I will soon be there.
As he said his last words one tear fell from his eyes as the man, a soldier began to cry

Written in memories of all the men and women who have been here themselves and have turned over there lives to dedicate it to our country and much more. Also in memory of my very own grandfather who I miss dear a vetran of world war ll, soldier, a friend, good man throughout to his end who changed many lives and taught many a war. This written in memories of the soldiers I have known. Remember the truths of memorial day now. It is not about us. It is about who they were, are, and who they will become in futures ahead.

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