The dewdrops trickle like tears rolling off my face

the smell of the mist within the cool air

not even a sound in the early day is there

as the pitch black covers the ground

the damp cool air gently brushing over my skin as if I have been sprinkled with dust of the fairy’s of the lands near

Day begining to break and creep in gently blanketing light across the lands

the songs of the birds begining to awake

the sun begining to crest and peek over the hills

with colors of orange and yellow and red

pink and purple peeking still from behind

I paint a picture of the sun set tonight deep within my mind

sensing the glory and beauty of the sunrise I now see

Looking up overhead I hear a sudden call

high up in the brightening day I see a hawk soaring across amongst it’s very beauty

imagining a wolf holwing goodnight as the slumber comes day and his hunting at night

the sublime nature all around as spirits around are peace filled and calm

my mind at ease with the glory amogst the that all fills the air with a gentle quiet filled soft breeze

as I listen to it just whisper amongst the trees

the dewdrops left in the roses and leaves

just a cool touch too release and renew the new growth ahead

Bringing up life as a small little seed

this is the peace of mind I still need

As I lye beneath this tree
looking across the open gorge in front of me

 another sound begins to sing out nearby

I listen and hear the sweet song of the whiperwill herself

as if to bless this new growing day

and say okay okay

it’s a brand new day

I stay a minute to listen and admire while I still observe

coming to wonder of all the sound of nature and the beauty within the mystery of mother earth

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