I look into the mirror and I see two eyes staring back at me. No words to be said,  tears rolling off my eyes. I see the world of pain and suffering left billowing within. Another dreary day come and another dream gone. Each second the world and body you have known changing before your eyes.  Changing without knowledge all the time. What has come of this world I have known. It has come and drifted for so long and now is gone. Where are the friends I could call friends, where are the places I knew as my safe havens? What has this town come to now? I used to see real people who were down to earth angels. Now people just don’t seem to know what down to earth really is. Down to earth is natural but there is no down to earth now. Where have things gone before my eyes. This is not what I have seen thru my own eyes. You ask for help and get not a thing. You ask for respect and get laughed in the face. You ask for manners and get told that there is no such thing that these are things that are not performed anymore. What happened to the days of love? Love is where I want to be again in the place that once made me feel safe and of the place that I once knew well, that I just do not know anymore.

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