The Angel I Once Saw And Knew

I once wrote well of this sweet angel I knew

with hair so soft and smooth like it was wicked just right

she always wore a smile and filled your life with delight

bringing joy upon each step you’d take

she was the glow to brighten your pathway or road


I still know this angel I see

although life is not really the same these days

much of her glows  have begun to fade away

her feathers are malting sadly also

no one’s life is easy you easy

but an angel’s life should be carefree and happy

she used to smile all the time brightening each’s face as they crossed ways

though now she has weights of so many that even so it is tearing the angel herself down as well

herself still so joyous and bubbly as ever

though her life weighing her down and tearing at her age

filling her eyes and minds in overwhelming wear

her beauty still shining through amongst all the feathers from her widespread wings

just not as prominent which once was before


her hands still reaching out to all at her tips

but toppling her is enemy’s worst hold now

I sit back and cry as the tears fill my eyes

seeing in disbelief this angel i once knew

wishing i could be a majestic as her and give her the hand she’s given me a time and time again

having the power and will to fill each void

filling me with grace and relief

although I am not as majestic as she

and I can not bring the secure extra wing as she herself has time and again

My heart droops like a weeping willow as I watch in somber this fading wonder

Knowing of her from once before to who I know now as I watch her once more

tears my life away in shattered shreds as she carries weights never meant for her

 growing heavy laden and fatigued worn down as ever was before

 her glow slowly fading away melting into the waters and snows

this worn angel was not the angel I once saw and knew

now my words of this angel are seldom too few

as it hurts me more tan ever to recall the stories and paths she has traveled

 for all the many she has known leading her to this slow trialing trail I see now

she has done so many good things with good people as well

but life slowly hands her the jackpot of a bad deal and has slowly been eating her away

how much longer will this angel presumably stay

 I don’t ask or hope for much

however I will today

for this angel I know still has a spark of spirit I see

so today my request I make shall be

renew her light within her as you have within me and help her shine as ever bright as many times before did she and let her be still carefree and happy glowing everywhere and anywhere as ever she would and could before

empty the weights she has weighing on her and leave her free of all trials tied to her hold releasing her free once more

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