They say that your brain always is thinking things out

 doing some sort of thinking even when you yourself may not be

so then why does one get silent so long not knowing even one word or hum

You’d think if it were always on go with thoughts one word would be shared an hour at a time at least

so why does it stay silent even when you try to think

like if you write but have no words to be said

yet your mind is already nonstop thinking in control

then where is it at and why can’t we think even when we try

our mind still in a silence and no words or thoughts within the head

still face to face with this writers block somehow

trying to pull one thought from within this crazy routine within your brain

 in this silent life full of confusion and strife

making a silent bob trying to become the tin man for sure

however no brain so big or so small can even be the loudest still

for each brain may always be working its routine

weather loud or silent

you still always end up at some time with a silent word and quite routine

creating the silence we have around us right now

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