In An Instant

each day she lived she was always there

 then I awake no expectations at hand but looking for her and in just that split second overnight as if it were already planned there she went without a word or a thought to yet come

one time she was there and then she was gone

will they let her die or let her story live on

it happens so fast it feels it can not be real

but as much as you try you take one more peek into that mirror and know than that it is

for you know of that very mirror you have known all too well that it itself is real and can not hide that fact as much as you wish you could at will

one minute she was here and in an instant overnight she was gone in just a second not even more

So you put yourself at ease knowing she is well

 pulling yourself up straight and square to the floor

taking one deep breath to face what is next

laying her to rest putting you at ease

this time is your last and final goodbye so make it your best as ever before

for once you awake in the morning light

her spirit will have been released into it’s very own light

together in two different ways you two move on

saying that final goodbye knowing that you will see each other still again in time

but for now she is here today but gone in an instant just over night dawn to daybreak of tomorrow’s light

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