Pushing Me Aside

With tears in my eyes I weld up and cry
Sitting up against the wall trying to hide from it all with be.
I always feel like everything is coming down around me
Where am I to go next I Sino.
With so many tears within and no way for them to run out
Not one soul helping me come thru the door I am now ready to cry. Feeling as if everyone has been coming out hard on me
tonight despite what I know within myself and my heart as true
They don’t live this life I do
Why do they think that they have rights to my life for today…
It is not their life but mine and all they enjoy doing is putting me down and making me cry
Why can’t they raise me up high lifting me up
Why must they always take hold of me and bring me down
I feel as if there is no one left in life not even in that of my very own family
I feel as if they are always tearing me down and talking bad about me but I can’t stand up to them and say you have something to say….tell me….
That was where all my long talks about my feelings came in with mom, but now that is gone with the wind just as she is with her favorite song
I can’t turn to my husband cause I have yet to be married in life
While I am slim on a friend even just to try to put hope in what we believe is right mom died and no I feel like they I was never wanted anymore as if I were nothing but an outcast inside. With everyone but myself inside as if my very own family were just pushing me aside

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