When Life Has Gotten Too Steep

When life feels as if it has gotten too steep that we can not go on

We feel that we can climb on but not as high as the steep land terrane

When we feel like the weight of the earth is sitting upon our shoulders that we do not have anymore strength to carry anymore in life

when we feel as we are coming to our peak but then we stumble and fall and have no more energy or effort to stand again

these are the days that we just want to sit down forgetting our life and end up sitting down to cry

lifting out our hands to ask for help and reach to the heavens above

feeling like we can not go on

you release our stress of life making our burdens not so tight

you have lightened the weight till we regain what is manageable to our eyes

feeling a bit uplifted and rejuvenated and alive

you strengthen me and pull me back up

you give me the hope to continue on where I did not want to follow thru

you help pull me thru where I did not feel to be

you helped me to have the force to make the climb higher on where I felt that it was too steep

you picked me up from my stumbling feet giving me new shoes for me to have a firmer stand

you gave me a new spark in life that lead me on the path instead of walking away and giving up

Together now we have traveled this hard bumpy road never knowing the next wind or turn

keeping strong together is where we travel our best

following the road with a positive hope

looking forward to where it will lead and end

as we strive to make a forward leap of faith

continuing to make the climb back up in life

hand in hand knowing that we are secure

not looking for an easy replace

knowing that the sun will shine a brighter light tomorrow

that there is hope in a brand new day


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