Given A Heart Of Light

I have been given a heart of light to try to help brighten people’s lives

you meeting me was no mistake

you just did as others would have and saw my light and followed to its brightest shine to see where it would lead

where others gave in to the darkness once again and turned away

you have remained and held on tight within my lighted paths

I will continue shining my heart of light upon your way

even through the days that you may walk away and refuse my light

keeping you within my own light to continually protect you as an angel friend would.

I have been given a heart of light to share with others if they would accept

a heart so pure full of gold shimmering light shining upon the path at your feet

my heart of light

you chose  your path I only helped you travel along its way

it wasn’t much

just some purity and love

mixed with a special ingredient creating a heart of light

 I have been given a heart of light

to shine on earth throughout the nights

helping others in desprate needs

facing mental, spiritual and physical difficulties

to be a friend and a lending hand

or even just a listening ear

by God’s great design I have been given a heart of light

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