Where Are You

Here I am alone within the dark of the night

sitting alone in the unknown of a pale and hidden moonlight

wondering where you are and why you will not answer my call

not even hearing a distant wolfs howl

or seeing a animal of the night around on a prowl

where are you

I have asked myself this so many a time now

not a single word since I remember when we last spoke

not a notion of a reasoning of that you’d not be around tonight

I sit and ponder trying to piece it all together within my tiny brain

although unable for all answers do not fit

Here I sit in the cold and silence of the night

not a sound around

not even that of the rain

not a sound of distant thunder brewing

sitting awake and unable to sleep

 for things are feeling a bit not right

unsure of what the eary feeling is in the air

however I know that your spirit is not here

it is not responding to my constant repeating call

where are you

you are not within ear of my call

you are not answering my calls from here

you are not responding in any ways I try

are you alright

are you okay

are you safe from the darks of the bitter cold night

where are you

you have my heart beating wild and fast

uncertain of your sudden disapearance

uncertain of your where abouts

was it something I did

was it something said

why this silence between us

here I sit in the dark of the night staying awake with you on my brain

lyinjg in the chill of the air wondering where you are

I listen still but I still can not hear your call

sourounded within the silence of the bitter cold breeze

 I only hear the wind

not a thing more

not even a mouse running across the floor

this is so unlike of you

we usually have more to be said between our words

knowing our every action before it’s made

yet tonight I lye awake in silence of knowing where you are

where are you

why will you not answer my call

where are you

hating this silence I sit surrounded by

trying to catch my breath at every thought which passes my brain

the air around me damp and very near

here I am and you are not near

what is running throughout your life that has you being so distant and drawn back from me tonight

I couldn’t even follow your close footprints tonight to find you if even I wanted to

I have no info to believe in knowing your where abouts

I feel so empty not knowing where you are

I feel so lonely and sad filled in this silence surrounding me

so mentaly unsafe within my own mind

oh where are you tonight that you won’t speak to me

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