The Wind

I ask  where are you

and get a silent response

still not even knowing where you really are

though this message was not from tonight it filled the void to ease the mind

I can not whisper loud enough tonight for you to hear me in the wind I guess

you ask was it the wind when you know within your soul that the wind it was not

but somehow you heard the whisper than that was spoken within the wind

so why can you not hear my voice tonight when I call out loud in this silence

I can’t raise my voice over the silence too much for we both know I will wake the kids

you need to look within your reach of your heart and soul to feel me and hear my call

so why are you refraining from my reach tonight

open your ears so that you can hear

unlock your heart to fill your soul

so that you may hear again my voice carry in the wind

open up to feel us close

I miss you tonight

this is a feeling of unfamiliarness that I am not aware

I do not like this feeling and sense of being around me

I want to be where we’ve been before and where our thoughts are thought whitin each others minds and not thine own

I want this feeling of you being near and you being home


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