Everything Is Planned, This Is How Everything Goes

We live our lives each day on the edge of our seats thinking we may have it all made and that things may be going our way
Although most of the times finding out we’re not right
Trying to pull everything together in one big pile but never can
Life just simply goes just as everything was planned
Our lives falling apart around us and we try to stand above water with it but feeling overwhelmed we begin to drowned in it all. This is just how everything goes in life
Choices in our life can be made and changed but the plan that was given to us is ours to always keep and take
Only he can change the plan he had for your life
Everything is just the way it was planned
With not a question and hardly ever any time you try to stay on track though exhaustion takes hold pulling you down
You try holding your head high however it begins to fall you realize that everything in your life is taking hold and pulling you down but in a sense everything is still going just as it was planned for everything in life is planned ahead and this is how everything goes in life

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