The Whisper In The Night; You And Your Soul Mate

In search of peace

trying to find that which is not in reach

believing in hope that you will find him

you search for your soul mate in life

turning every crevices and corner

traveling through the valleys


lost lands unknown

taking down note and leads along your route

finally on the right path you can see the light at the end of the tunnel of time

You have found your soul mate

the person you see everything in

the one where hope lives on to never die

lost in words not knowing the words to say

beginning to speak but no voice heard

you shutter as the silence is uneasy to bear

all you want to do is tell them really feel but the silence still prevails

when not even a sound

you continue in bliss to see them by your side

you hope and pray that what your intuition feels

 you are sure this is the one

when finally you swallow

with one small voice you say something that suddenly pops into thought

shocked at your own amazement

you hope they heard exactly what you say

such one tiny voice

like the wind blowing thru the rippling wheat fields

with a subtle rustle and sound of each piece of wheat blowing in the wind

as if to help those lost souls

 who never found the peace

ones who had forgotten hope

at peace now

 knowing you had traveled what you think is the right route

you again whisper what sound comes out not knowing how loud

you say your words hoping to be heard

the gentle whisper you push to say

falling upon their ear

still not knowing if they hear you

you say it still with more volume of what you can get

startled they turn in search of what they hear

you are there to watch it all

then again you speak

hoping again that they’ll hear you

hearing your whisper in the night

they follow your voice

till they come upon the voice face to face

your words you said have worked for now

though feeling for those who lost hope

  becoming lost souls

you still wish they had been

or had found that whisper in the night

each of you finding each other before it’s too late

in a sweet embrace you two become one

for you have found your peace

you feel satisfied

you have found your soul mate

they have heard your whispers in the night

now it’s just you and your soul mate

just you two

now you can be happy

and see that life can be a true and happy reality

you have found the love and can fully Endor

becoming one 

 now settled and happy in life

you have found your peace

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