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Here I Sit Thinking

Here I am sitting here

thinking of things out of the blue

about memories we’ve had

about things we’ve withstood

what is coming to be

of this future we see

awaiting my thoughts of you to be free

feeling things never felt before

thinking thought which were never there

seeing different paths created by us for us

waiting to still be traveled by us

pouring out my heart

missing you so

these are things that I can’t even predict

awaiting you is the hardest right now

while the trials we’ve faced were sometimes tough but true

Here I sit thinking of you

pouring out my full heart to you

though right now I am fully missing you

so I’ll just return to thinking of you

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The Test Of Time

The test of time is a trying thing

it withstands the action of patience

reveals the change in times

it is the history of all life upon this world we know

the test of time comes from everything we do

it is the hardest thing to practice in life

many a thing consist of the test of time

you never know what will happen next

it is a day-to-day test

the test of time creates many memories

it makes you use your skills of thinking and of the brain

keeping up with time is never easy

it sometimes can get in the way

the test of time is all its own

it is not something ever planned

it’s something to be grasped within your hand

it’s not  something you can see with your eyes

it’s not something you can smell or hear

the test of time can not be tasted

the test of time can not be revealed in pictures or words

trying to explain the tes of time is not an easy task

you can not know the test until you have passed it by

this is how the test  of time story goes

it never can be changed

we have to go with how our book goes revealing the test of time

the test of time is what reveals our journey in life

the test of time is never the same

it is not something that be stopped

the test of time is reality of hand

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