Something Different In The Air

I awoke this morning after a very good night’s rest

amazingly one of the best

feeling well rested and refreshed I awoke in a gentle mood

I looked around in search of you as I always would

knowing your always there is comforting wothin itself

though this morning something was different in the air

I noticed a difference in the air

just as of something wasn’t the same

looking around I noticed things that were on last night when I fell asleep

had been changed and turned off over night

feeling warmth and comfort inside

you brought me to the subtle feeling of relief

Knowing you were there and had been there through the night

 as you always are

just felt different this time

something I have noticed the past two times

with your eyes always on me

it helps me to feel content and safe

it’s when you’re not near and I can’t find you

 that my heart and mind begin to stumble

a heart full of loneliness is always depressing and tough

however a heart that does not have to search and knows you are near is comforting in itself

 brings out the light in me and helps me to feel protected

no longer in search of the empty need

I know that you are always there and it makes me feel at my best

I like the differences I have begun to see it settles me

relaxing my restless soul

feeling you there gives me comfort within me

letting me feel your warm and strong embrace

you’re welcome to give me your company anytime

for this feeling I will not and shall not complain

I am glad you were here today and feel content with this throughout the day

Knowing you here will keep me focused today

nothing will come between us now

this is how I should feel everyday

now I am happy

bright with glow that will out shine me where ever I go

thanks for keeping me in your tight embrace while slept the night away

thanks for letting me see the something different today

with a quiet breeze

a gentle current in the flow

I see that there is something different in the air today than was before

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