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Apples And Seeds

Round, red and delicious

this little ball lives in a tree

with a wonderful and prominent sharp taste

bold and delicious is what this could be

with many other tastes and color’s

it comes single or in a bunch

so many things or ways of this use

it is shiny and bold in color very tasty

with a little black tear falling from each one

symbolizing new life ahead

beginning the cycle again

and each seed simple unique

in each way

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Angel’s Way

With wings of diamonds so beautiful

that spread as far as a sea and beyond

hair that is long silk and curly

wearing a beautiful white dress

as wind blows throughout her hair

a smile that shine’s all over earth

 showing light and love everywhere she goes

knowing of the words before anyone else does

a messanger of God to help people know the way

guiding them down paths they never would of thought of

to lead them to the paths of good

keeping them in the light away from the shadows of the dark and night

beautiful even more as ever before

each year staying the same

never aging a day always the same

leading you each day till the end of time

when all will fall and then there will be nothing more

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Sunrise At Sea

As the sun rises on the horizon you are sitting on the bench upon the sand.The sea at it’s high peak pushing shells ashore. You look above the horizon and see a pod of dolphins playing just amongst the breakers. Watching them in awe you sit and Just stare watching their play diving deep into the waves and others jumping just off shore. Then off beyond the dolphins at play you see many a boats on this beautiful day. With the sun rising and shining bright you can see a shimmer on the big wide open sea. Looking like a reflection of the shining on ahead you sit in mellow upon your bench. Fisherman come over the dunes to see if they could catch a bite today. While down the beach there are some children rerunning in play upon the sand. Lifegaurds are blowing their whistle at those who are not observing the beach rules.  People running at the edge of the waves practicing and gaining their daily excersise. Such a beautiful day today as the sun rises past the horizon in many colors of random reds, yellows and pinks with some purple edges splattered thruout with a mix of blue and whites. No clouds in the sky today as you sit in sollitude on the bench today. You begin to hear the crashing waves amongst the shoreline and Seagulls overhead. Still watching the fishermen you try to see how well finishing seems to be as you think of getting your very own rod together to throw out to sea wondering what there could be out there in the mellow sea. One fisherman brings in a skate you see most likely fishing will be nothing today.  Wondering when the blues will run as you haven’t seem them in a very longtime. You sit back and ponder where they could be. After a day of sitting in the sun you begin to need rest and food now. For you have had a long long day. You need food as your beginning to feel dehydration setting in with not a drop of water at your side. Your stomach starts to rumble as you have been out all day and it is time for lunch now. You pack up your flip flops, your book and key then head to the car to find somewhere to eat. With a wonderful day at sea you tell yourself after lunch it’s time to rest finish up and head home to take a slight nap. Returning home you put down your stuff heading into bed to lay your sweet little head upon you soft fluffy pillow. Once you begin to rest you dream about your day and then in wonder of what tommorrow may bring.

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