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A Dog Named Jewel

There once was a dog named jewel

this dog was named jewel

this dog had gotten the name jewel from miners while he was just a pup

Jewel had protected and rescued many miners within the mines

 She was also able to sniff out any jewels within the mine before any miners could

Jewel had always been a special dog and everyone knew it

with a copper and red sleek coat

she’d stay out in the sun at the entrance of the mine like a burning fire embracing the night sky

as she grew older from a pup she had gotten wounded herself in the mines

when the miners said their goodbyes and took her in to the hospital to turn her into them as a stray that she had been

the hospital cleaned her wounds and recovered her health and depressed heart

 she was no longer able to run the ruins of the mines anymore from the injuries that she sustained

however when she was all better the hospital put Jewel up for rescue and adoption

soon after a father and his young boy came into the hospital to stop by to see what pups they could take home

searching the announcements for several prospects looking for good homes

they came across Jewels and immediately fell in love with her

together they knew she was the puppy for them

especially for the little boy to have again a new friend and companion

which this was very important to his father for he had just not long before lost his mother

so they set in an application to give Jewel the best care and good loving home that she had needed to go home somewhere

not even a week had passed when the phone had rung and the young boy picked it up suddenly before his father could do so

answering he said “Hello, you there?”

on the other end a women responded “yes” is this the Williams?

the boy answered “I get daddy hang on”

with that his father took the phone and in a subtle calming voice replied “Hello, Willas Williams here”

the women on the other end said “hello mr Williams, this is the animal hospital calling”

“Sir did you put in an application for  adoption of a young pup?”

with an excited and hope filled voice he replied “yes”

the women then interrupted and said “we got and read your profile adoption application and  we feel that you are the best fulfilled candidate for Jewels”  she continued “Jewels is a very special and wonderful pup who came from a world of stories and history”

“Mr Willas when could you come get her”

with excitement still in his voice he replied

“right now, we’ll come immediately”

looking at his young son he hung up the call

the boy asked “Daddy what’s going on”

his father replied “Son get your coat on we have to take a run into town”

doing as his father had asked he ran for his coat and then to the truck

his father climbed in and began the ignition

 not saying a word for he had wanted to surprise his boy

as they approached the hospital the father said

“I thought we’d go take a ride into town to see how the adoption was doing”

not letting the boy in on the fact that was what the phone call was

when they approached the desk the women behind the counter said

“hello, may I help assist you with something”

Mr. Willas Williams responded

 “yes we’d like to see how Jewel is coming along”

“we’d like to take her home”

the boy said “Pa are you sure we can do that”

with a wink and a twinkle in his eyes he looked down at his son and said

“you’ve got to believe son”

as he told his son those words the women returned and said

“Mr. Willas I just need you to sign some small forms, it’s protocol for every adoption case”

when he had finished the papers the clerk replied

“here you go Mr. Willas she is all yours. please enjoy your new addition”

as she then handed Jewel over to Mr. Willas Willams

The boy terrifically excited said

“dad does this mean she is ours”

The father replied “she is ours son”

together the now three Williams returned home with their new jewel

from that day forth the boy was happier than ever

and had forgotten how depressed and  lonely he had been from the loss of his mother

his father felt accomplishment and satisfaction for he had done exactly what he had gone out to do

to find a new friend and companion for this little boy who had missed his mom so

no matter where the boy went Jewel always remained nearby and at his side protecting this boy in every way

 the two lived happily ever after as best friends

Mr. Willas was proud and relaxed as his son was definitely once again happy

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The Young Man, Angel And Wolf

The Young Man, Angel And Wolf

As the wolf runs as fast as he can througout the forrest

 He finds a young man lying unconcious on the ground

The protector that the wolf is he lays down

under the shade of the tree to keep safe watch over the young man

within the shadows he stay till the sun arose the next day

then apeared in the mist of the early day an angel

within the glistening light of the sun

Her hair was so soft like that of soft baby rabbits

her eyes so wide, bright and beautiful

her wings as graceful as those of the flight of an eagle

together they awaited the young man to awake

when he finally wakes and rises to his feet

as the wolf takes his side to protect him

seeing that he is safe not to colapse and fall

as the angel takes his stare

as she gently explains that she was sent to be with him

to protect him saving his life

as he had taken a great fall down the steep revene

the angel told the wolf to always remain at his side

for if he should look death in the face again he will not be saved next time

so taking the young man under his sight

 they traveled together in search of the freedom of life

for the claiming of his plot of the land

with the race against time

this man ran his route in search of his land

cross river bed and wheat feilds he runs till he

finally spots his claim

with every single fight he won to give this land his name

stood the wolf by his side protecting him with fight and dominancy

he stuck his flag within his land

together the stood tall as they began to build a home on where they stood

this was how the young man became a hero then

with his new home

he sat in watch and took soldiers in as wounded they came

for this was his life

He did not want to see the fall of yet another man fall who fell wounded at his land

bringing them in one by one his wolf and he began their new journey

saving the soldiers outside his front door who they themselves were wounded in the war

helping them out he waited till they were well

then together he and wolf took them to find their own land

 forgetting the horrible trials of the war

this was the story of the young man, angel and wolf

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