This Is Reality

When you have thought you finally made it

But then your life takes a big blow

You look at it through your innocent eyes not knowing where to go

With things you just don’t understand

Sometimes not even knowing who people are

Not even knowing yourself

You try and try to make sense of it all but find it only fizzles out

Having thoughts you don’t dare think and facts that you dread with visions of the future events you may not want to believe

Dreams you can’t always see

This is the reality

No matter how many times you try to push it all away

It Just returns hitting you even harder in the face

You learn to face the fact of reality

Push to conquer your dreams

Look for hope in the future of the things that you have seen

Thinking of logic reasoning to try and solve life mysteries

Living life day to day

In search of a better way

Not always finding answers or relief right away

But moving forward to ones safe place knowing you have made it this far

Celebrating and excepting even things you don’t understand

Creating your place where you stand

This is reality

This is reality

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